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Dodge RAM 3500 4x4: on my 68rfe that just put in from a salvage

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on my 68rfe that just put in from a salvage yard with 22500 miles on wich was bench tested and presure tested goes right into limp mode not allowing me to perform a quick learn throws a P0760 code line presure reads 0 temp reads 0 but i believe those readings to be false

Hello and welcome to JustAnswer!

If the trans engages then I wouldn't worry too much about what you're seeing for line pressure, and if there isn't a temperature sensor code set I wouldn't worry about the 0 degree temperature reading either.

P0760 is for the overdrive clutch solenoid circuit. The solenoids are all contained in the solenoid pack mounted to the top of the valve body.

This code sets when the voltage seen on the solenoid control wire isn't correct for a given state. This can be an open circuit or high resistance in the control wire, a short to power, ground or another circuit, or a bad solenoid. By far the most common cause of this is a bad solenoid.

If you've tested the wiring and ruled out all of the things I mentioned then the solenoid pack will need to be replaced.
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