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Randall, ASE Master Tech
Category: Transmissions
Satisfied Customers: 12824
Experience:  ASE Master Tech, 32 yrs, Auto trans diagnostic and repair
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What is the cost of a transmission range sensor for a 2008

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What is the cost of a transmission range sensor for a 2008 suzuki forenza and how can I do self installation?

Randall :

Hello, I am Randall. I am gathering your info now. Back shortly

Randall :

ok, you locate the range sensor/ mode switch / neutral switch ( all the same thing) by looking where the shift cable hooks to the lever at remove the cable from the lever, then the lever, then unbolt the sensor. Its not too difficult. The only thing is, a tool is needed to line it up but,, it can be done without tool, you just has to adjust the sensor so car starts in park and neutral only. be careful with this, you do not want it to start in gear. You can upload the information by clicking HERE and its in .pdf file format The range sensor performs several functions and not only the neutral safety portion of it.


What is the exact location of this sensor on a 2008 suzuki forenza and what is an estimated cost of a sensor?

Randall :

I am sorry, I am not in parts but a technician only. You will have to call in to a parts dept for the sensor price, i can only tell you book time is .4 hours to change it. Labor is very low. If shop is say $90 per hour? labor will be $36. There is no real good pic to send. its basically on top of trans, you look down at trnas for the shift cable as shown. that cable hooks right to the sensor

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