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If i was charge of excessive speeding and pay the the

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If i was charge of excessive speeding and pay the the i still need to do 36 hours of community service and a 30 day license suspension and a drivers ed class?

Hello again! Before answering, it looks like a rating hasn't yet been left on the question that I assisted you with yesterday. Please consider leaving a rating on this question and your last question (it is how I get credit from the website for taking your question). If you can't find the button to leave a rating, it's ok to just say that I was able to help.

The answer to your question is "yes", we talked about the likelihood of getting your violation reduced, but if you are found guilty of the more serious offenses, the 36 hours of community service, the 30 day license suspension, and the driver's ed class are all mandatory.

Let me know if clarification is needed. Although I can’t always give good news, I am straightforward. If that answers everything to your satisfaction, please consider leaving a rating before logging off (it's how the website credits me for taking your question). Thank you very much.

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