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I got a DUI in California. They require me to have an sr-22

Customer Question

I got a DUI in California. They require me to have an sr-22 for 3 years. I have a little over a year left. But, I moved to Maryland. I am registered with Maryland insurance and a Maryland drivers license. As soon as I transferred my insurance to Maryland from California, California sent me a letter to suspend my CA drivers license. I called them on the phone and they told me I need to get an FR-19 through Maryland. I called Maryland and they told me they won't issue me a FR -19 case number. My insurance company can't file a FR-19 without a case number. I'm in a big pickle. What do I do?
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Traffic Law
Expert:  Michael Bradley replied 1 month ago.

While a handful of states do not require you to file an SR22, most do. Even so, every state's requirements for filing it differ. This means your California SR22 is only valid in this state.

In other words, if you move from California to another SR22 state, you must obtain an SR22 in your new state. Once you have that policy, your new insurance company will relay that information to the California DMV so that the California DMV can then appropriately release your SR22 in this state.

If you move into a state that doesn't require SR22 filing, you will need to obtain a new policy, the limits of which are at least equal to your California SR22 coverage. Similarly, once you have that new coverage, California will appropriately release your SR22.

It is critical to have your new policy in place before you cancel your California SR22. If you don't, your California DMV record will reflect a lapse in coverage which could result in a new California license suspension.

Expert:  Michael Bradley replied 1 month ago.

I would see if the California number can be used and transferred to Maryland