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Brandon M.
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Unsafe speed of 25 on a 35 mph zone between intersections

Customer Question

unsafe speed of 25 on a 35 mph zone between intersections coming off an overpass. The light had just turned green on the intersection and the next signal light is approximately 0.2 miles away so I dont think it is possible for me to have been traveling at 25 mph in that short of a distance especially since my car travels 0-60 mph in 5.7 seconds.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Traffic Law
Expert:  Brandon M. replied 11 months ago.

Good evening. My name is Brandon. I understand the scenario, but I don't want to make the wrong assumption about how I might help. What question might I answer for you?

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
Can I fight the ticket? He cited me for 25 mph on a 35 mph zone i.e. Unsafe speed. I don't think I could've been traveling 35 mph because the light had just turned green and the next light where I will mKe a right turn is only 0.2 miles from the intersection I had just passed. He had stopped me really for texting
While driving but then instead of citing me
For that he wrote unsafe speed. I didn't argue with him at that time plus I didn't know that what he was doing would mean a moving violation versus texting while driving which is not. My court date is tomorrow
Expert:  Brandon M. replied 11 months ago.

It looks like you attempted to set up a phone call. Sometimes, credit cards see it as "suspicious activity". If you would like to try again, just make sure to start by saying "This question is for Brandon M."

Expert:  Brandon M. replied 11 months ago.

I'm definitely glad to keep working with you here if a phone call can't be arranged.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
The 5 dollars and the 41 went through so that's enough but I want to cancel the membership so just respond to me via text please.
Expert:  Brandon M. replied 11 months ago.

I actually have no contact with the billing side of things, so I can't comment on what you have or haven't paid, only that you attempted to set up a phone call. I also don't have your phone number, since there is an intermediary number that the website uses when we connect (when a call is placed, I call into the intermediary number, and the intermediary calls the customer.) We can try to set up a new phone call or we can talk through the website, but I'm afraid that I can't text.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I mean talk through the website - I just get it as a text
Expert:  Brandon M. replied 11 months ago.

Ok, that works for me. What mechanism did the officer use to measure your speed?

Expert:  Brandon M. replied 11 months ago.

I'll tell you where I'm going with this: I think that your vehicle's ability to accelerate to 35 mph in such a short distance is significant from an evidentiary standpoint, but my concern is how you might show that you weren't already at 35 mph when you hit the first traffic signal.

Customer: replied 11 months ago.
I'm an engineer so I think I can show it. It's on Ortega highway and an overpass so the light had just turned green and I was in the process of accelerating but couldn't accelerate too much since I'm about to turn right in 0.2 miles he didn't gun me he just guessed
Because 10 miles below or under is considered unsafe he stopped me for something and wrote me up for something else a complete abuse of power
Expert:  Brandon M. replied 11 months ago.
Well, the burden of proof is on law enforcement to prove guilt, so if you can explain to the court that the alleged misconduct isn't physically possible, that's a slam-dunk win.