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I have an abandoned vehicle on my property for eleven

Customer Question

I have an abandoned vehicle on my property for eleven months.
This vehicle was my daughter's vehicle given as a gift from her
father. She was moving and was going to sell the vehicle but she learned
we took into our home what we believed to be a homeless boy, 18
who claimed his parents were killed in an auto accident and he wanted
to graduate from our district. Hence, my daughter felt very sorry for him.
He said his mom DIED in his arms and he was physicall CRYING. My daughter had empathy and unfortunaly signed the title over to him. I found out soon after EVERYTHING was all lies. I have a newspaper article from West Virginia indicating his parents were in a drug raid and his parents were in jail for selling drugs and had each a $40,000 bail. I confronted this boy and told him to leave. He went back to the lady who took him in before me. He came back two weeks later asking to have the vehicle towed. I told him you lied to all of us. My daughter was going to sell the vehicle for $500 but felt sorry for you and gave it to you. The decent thing for you to do is give her back the
title. A few weeks went by we heard nothing. I texted him and said what
are you going to do. He texted me back if I contact him again he will have
a Harassment charge against me. Last month my daughter mailed him a letter to the
last know address telling him to pick up the vehicle within 30 days or she will have the vehicle go to a salvage company. The letter came back -Return to Sender. Not Deliverable As Addressed. Unable to Forward. She wants to donate this vehicle and get it off my property but the title is in his name. I heard a title is necessary to junk a vehicle. It will be a year next month the vehicle is here... How can I legally get this car off my property? He has the title and I don't know where he is. Please advise. I live in Pa.
Submitted: 11 months ago.
Category: Traffic Law
Expert:  SoloLawyer replied 11 months ago.

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I'm sorry to hear about this. What state do you live in? Also, how long has it been since you told the boy to get the car off the property?