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I fell in my apt on Jan. 1,turning to leave my apt and

Customer Question

I fell in my apt on Jan. 1,turning to leave my apt for dinner and tripped out of some clog shoes (which have no heels) and ended one the floor with a cut on my head. The concierge called 911 and came to help me. I was taken to the trauma Hospital ( Brackenridge) in Austin and treated there . I spent i night there. Two to 3 weeks later I received a letter saying they think there might be a physical problem with my driving. I went to see about this and was told a report came that i was dizzy and i fell!! I wasn't dizzy at all. I stepped out of my shoe n it's heel edge.When I went to see them they are requesting they want to know : My Dr,s names, My medications, and a list of major events in my last 20 years of life! I believe this is an invasion of privacy I don't like it.The whole thing is built around a lie.I am willing to give them the name and number of the first person who came to help me as she knows how I was. I will take the driving test if abso lutely necessary.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Traffic Law
Expert:  Chris T., JD replied 1 year ago.

Hello. I'll be happy to assist you.

It sounds like your doctor probably refered you to the Driver's License Medical Review Board. The board is made up of medical professionals who determine if a person is medically fit to drive. That can include a number of conditions that make a person unsafe to drive. If you don't want to turn over your records to them, you will probably have your license suspended until they can determine whether or not you are medically fit to drive. My suggestion is that you try to strike an agreement with them regarding what records you will give them. If you dig your heels in and give them nothing, you'll almost certainly get your license suspended.

Here is more information on the medical review board: