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My attorney requires me to go court, but I 't want to go! I

Customer Question

My attorney requires me to go court, but I don't want to go! I only have two choices , here the Illionis law on tickets :1. If you plead "Guity",complete the "plea of guilty and waiver"provide and follow those instruction(fine costs). 2.If you wish to plead "not Guity", complete the portion form entitled "Avoid Multiple Court Apprearances" and follow those instructions. My attorney wants me to go court, I think the witness will not be good at me, then I will lose, but she said if I admit guilty will be terrible for me when other party sue me. If I do not admit I am Guity, if only the judge said I am guilty, then the civil case will be different . My attorney said at least i didn't admit. So I just want to know what will be different if I feel guilty or not ? How are these two results effects the civil case if in case. Thank you very much
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Traffic Law
Expert:  Zoey, JD replied 1 year ago.


I think your lawyer already explained it to you pretty well. If you plead guilty you will lose the case and your plea of guilty would constitute an admission against your interest. In other words, it's basically a confession and it can used against you in court and at trial as an admission if you are sued civilly. If you show up in court, you may be able to get a better deal than what you would get if you just pled guilty and paid the fine or the witnesses may not show up and your case could be dismissed.. Or if you choose to go to trial, you will not admit to any guilt, so there's nothing you have said that could be used against you in a civil proceeding.

I don't have the same facts about your situation as your lawyer does. I don't really have any facts at all. But if you believe you're likely to get sued and your lawyer is telling you it's not wise for you to enter a plea of guilty, he's acting in your best over all interest so that you have a better chance in civil court, where you have more at risk than just a small fine.

It is, however, your choice and not your lawyer's. He will follow your instructions whether you go against his advice or not.