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Category: Traffic Law
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In 2014 i got a speeding ticket in Hearne, TX. Took

Customer Question

in 2014 i got a speeding ticket in Hearne, TX. Took Defensive Dirving, submitted the driver recrd and today I got a letter from an attorney saying I need to pay $186.00. Call the Hearne Municpal COurt talked to Peggy, would not give me her last anme, and said I did it backwards and took defensive driving BEFORE i got permission from judge. WHat can I do?
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Traffic Law
Expert: replied 1 year ago.

Hi, I'm scott: Although I cannot provide specific legal advice to specific legal questions, I can address legal isses generally and hypothetical scenarios.

Now, more bad news , I'm afraid: the general process in most systems is to go to court for the ticket, and before being "sentenced," ask the court if the driver can do something to mitigate, like a DD course, and have the ticket vitiated so it does not affect thinks like insurance rates.

And of course whether a court permits that is entirely in their discretion.

No consolation, but I think well of the initiative, and the court and solicitor might also.

If I encountered such a situation, I would probably contact the solicitor's office directly and explain the situation and see if he'll agree to accept the driving course and make a joint presentation asking the court accept it as well as well.

And frankly, it's not likely to work, but there is nothing to lose with that approach.

Good Luck!