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I finance a car daughter, car in my name. She took it to

Customer Question

I finance a car for my daughter, car in my name. She took it to florida, somebody stole it from her. I had full coverage. The police wouldn't make a report , because she waited to long to report it and second didn't have a name of person, third didn't believe her. Car is still in my name, and if it mames r kills somebody then I'm held responsible......where do I start this happened 1 1/2 ago in June, I my credit union where car was financed through pressured me to turn over to a personal loan, which I am going to hire attorney, that is separate issue. Anyway I have the title to the car, also the reason they don't believe and the reason she waited for 4month to report stolen.  She living with me, she had  tragic situation in her life with her child, well she was on drugs I didn't know it when she was living with me but they is why she left in middle night with car I txt her threatned toreport car stolen so she was afraid to contact me. The car broke down she was homeless and broke, she started crying to random people asking for help she me josh somebody I have his last name but not handy, anyway , he let her stay there, it was a meth house , that is the last she saw josh or the car ......she told police exact story they don't  believe her they think she traded car for drugs. The other part to the story my credit union threatned to I tried to reposses car they told me they were going to get attorney after me forced to turn over personal loan, pressured me

Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Traffic Law
Expert:  Legalease replied 1 year ago.

Hello there --


If the car is in your name then I suggest that you report it to your local police that YOUR car was stolen and tell them that it happened when your daughter took it to Florida. Explain that you need the theft report to cancel the registration with the DMV and the insurance company. Your local police should take a report from you that your own car was stolen while your daughter was using it in Florida and simply tell them that the local police did not want to take a report because she was simply visiting and the car was not in her name. Your car insurance company may not want to actually pay off on the stolen car if they investigate in depth and find out what happened in Florida, but at least you will be relieved of any liability or problems with the car itself if it turns up somewhere that it should not. Finally, as far as the car loan is concerned, if you signed for the loan then you are legally responsible for paying the loan and if the car insurance company refuses to pay off in the end, you will have to pay the balance of the loan eventually (I wish I could tell you something differently here, but I cannot).


Please let me know if you have more questions. THANK YOU VERY MUCH