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SoloLawyer, Attorney
Category: Traffic Law
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Experience:  I help clients deal with traffic tickets on a weekly basis.
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I sold my car in 2009 in Az. I lived in redwood city Ca at

Customer Question

I sold my car in 2009 in Az. I lived in redwood city Ca at the time. I am now receiving parking tickets in LA from a car I haven't owned for 5 plus years. I still live in Redwood City. I called DMV in LA and don't have any answers. Help
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Traffic Law
Expert:  SoloLawyer replied 2 years ago.
Hello and thank you for contacting JustAnswer. My name is Michael; I look forward to assisting you today. When you transfer ownership of your car, you are required by law to notify the state DMV about the transfer. You can fill out a Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability which will protect you from situations like these. I'm guessing you failed to do so when the car was sold and that the buyer has never registered the car themselves. You are going to need to contact the DMV again to find out if you can now fill out the NTRL after the fact which will protect you from future liability. You can find instructions for all of this here. As for the tickets that have accumulated, I'd talk to a local traffic attorney. You're not guilty of tickets that are given to someone else, but you may have to find them in court. Doing nothing could result in further consequences to your driving record and license. I hope this helps!If you valued my time, I'd love a positive review. I'll be happy to follow up until you're completely satisfied.Michael