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lwpat, Attorney
Category: Traffic Law
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Experience:  Nationally recognized expert on traffic laws and violations.
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I received a ticket going 91 in a 70 in Ohio. I have a New

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I received a ticket going 91 in a 70 in Ohio. I have a New York Drivers license. My career and hobbies (Federal Aviation) would severely for win on this. I need to have it dismissed or reduced. But if here are no records kept and shared with NYS and if Ohio just keeps the fine with no record on my license I will just pay.
Will Ohio notify NYS DMV if I plead guilty and pay the $188 fine.
Will Ohio keep a record.
If yes to either how do I fight for reduction or dismissal.

lwpat :

Thanks for using JA. I will do my best to answer your questions. DON’T FORGET, your deposit is not used to compensate me until you rate my service. New York is one of the few states that does not place out of state speeding tickets on your record. You can safely pay your ticket and it will not be on your driving record.

lwpat :

You can call the NY DMV and confirm but NY, PA and Colorado are three states that do not place out of state tickets on your record.

lwpat :

Except for Ontario and Quebec, points are not added to your NYS driver record if you commit an out-of-state traffic violation. Points can appear on your NYS driver record if you commit a traffic violation in Ontario or Quebec.

Customer: The the of $188 is less than hiring a lawyer. So should I just pay the fine and move on. ?
lwpat :

That is probably your best option since it will be no points on your record.

Customer: Thanks. I will contact NYS DMV Monday. Confirm this nice advice. And just move on.
lwpat :

You are most welcome. If you receive a survey from JA please reply and mark me a 9 or 10

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