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Fine of violation based on video/camera proof The village

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Fine of violation based on video/camera proof

The village of a town sent a violation notice putting $100 fine due to violation of "no turn(right turn) on red sign".
There is a sign of NO TURN(right turn) on RED at an intersection. The vehicle failed to completely stop but slowed almost stop before making the turn. It was a violation technically. But there is no sign of "photo/video enforce" to notice driver that video is in place to enforce the village ordiance. "photo/video enforce" seems in place at least in other town/city. The driver paid the fine but felt not fair. In fact in the video, another car following this one also failed to completely stop. It seems the village make a lot of money this way. Is it legal put a hidden video on any traffice light or stop sign and record violation and make money this way?
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Unfortunately, there is no requirement for the town or village to put up signs indicating there is "photo/video enforcement." In fact most of the cameras at intersections are designed to be hidden so that people will not notice them. If the driver wishes to challenge the photo/video, he/she is entitled to be present at the hearing to put on evidence. However, it sounds to me like the driver in this scenario is admitting that there was a violation.

Even though it may appear to be unfair to many drivers, it is legal for the town to put up these cameras without notice.

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