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J.A Evans
J.A Evans, Lawyer
Category: Traffic Law
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Experience:  Prosecuted traffic, misdemeanor & felony level offenses 10 yrs. Worked as a judicial law clerk and wrote the judicial opinions.
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I received a ticket on the 4th of July weekend, the police

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I received a ticket on the 4th of July weekend, the police officer excited to give the ticket stated I was going 83 mph marked by AC. However I was in very heavy traffic and my exit was in sight approx. 250 yards away I told the officer I'm sure I wasn't going the speed he said and pointed to anther car behind me that was too getting a ticket and stated he too was speeding. And stated the AC caught you going this speed then handed me the ticket and to make sure I paid it with in 25 days should I fight this ? Living in Massachusetts and on disability 185 dollars is a large amount of money also I could have my license suspended here for that speed what should I do ?

J.A Evans :

Hello, I hope to help you with your question today. Sorry to hear about your holiday being ruined by a speeding ticket. As a former prosecutor I know how expensive tickets can be and I also know how much of a pain it is to have a trial for one. My suggestion to you is to contact the prosecutor and try to come up with a resolution. Prosecutors are allowed to reduce a fine or even give you a stay of adjudication, which means it does not go on your driving record. If you speak calmly and respectfully XXXXX XXXXX attorney he or she is very likely to help you. You may need to wait a few days until the citation and paperwork has reached the prosecutor's office. They are unlikely to speak with you until they have the information in front of them. Speaking to the officer will not help you, once they write the ticket they are pretty well stuck.

J.A Evans :

However, if you are adamant that you were not speeding at all, then you should ask for a trial on the citation . If the police officer does not show up for court then you win. If you have any witnesses to your driving conduct that day, you should bring them to court with you. You could get a lawyer but certainly don't need one for a court trial. Speeding tickets are no jail time so you do not get a jury trial, only the judge will make the decisions.

J.A Evans :

If this is your only speeding ticket then your license will not be suspended for this speed over the limit. (I assume you were on a freeway because you talk about an exit)

J.A Evans :

I hope this helps you to make your decision. If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask. If you are satisfied with the answer I have given, please rate my answer so I can get credit for my work.

Customer: How do I get the prosecutor name ? Or email ? Honestly I don't think I was going that fast I was getting off the next exit and the owner of the 2013 jeep I was driving was right next to me and she would have been going nuts if I was there were way to many vehicals around me it doesn't seem possible with all these factors in play . Also I'm on disability / fixed income and barely making it with my insurance now this is gonna drown me ..
J.A Evans : Your ticket should tell you what court has jurisdiction over your ticket. Call that court administration office and they can give you the number or even transfer you to the prosecutor. They will work with you, especially if you remain respectful. When I was prosecuting if someone was a jerk to me, I refused to help them and they had to deal with the court! Best of luck!
J.A Evans : In person or on the phone is usually better than an email with the prosecutor.
Customer: Thank you for your help !! I hope there as nice as you are
Customer: Ok just got off the phone with a women very nice at the number on the ticket who stated that talking to the DA on the phone won't help me , I need to contest the ticket and wait for the trial date so once again , I'm back to square one , I'm gonna try to find the Scarborough Maine DA. Cause the 207-(NNN) NNN-NNNNnumber on the ticket ,I think it's for the whole state of Maine . As for being a jerk !! That wouldn't happen. I'm a gulf war veteran of the marine corp and now a search and rescue instructor and have a brother who is a sheriff k-9 handler in ny . So I have huge respect for the court and law inforcment . I know what kind of people you guys have to deal with and to be honest I don't think I could do it .. Thank you for helping anyway . Take care
J.A Evans : I assume that means they negotiate on court days and usually do a large group. You may have a long wait in your hands that day! Bring you passenger witness if you have one. Good luck and thank you for your service to this country!
Customer: Your welcome !! What are my chances of it being dismissed or at least reduced? I really don't have the cash to be running 3 hours up to Maine , hell nor do I have the cash for my insurance to increase 150. Dollars for 7 years
J.A Evans :

If you have a clean record they almost always will reduce the fine or do something to keep it off your record for you. Sometimes you do have to pay more money to keep it off your record but overall is cheaper than increased insurance.

J.A Evans :

Please rate my answer so I can get credit for my answers.

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