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I was parking a few nights ago and the owner of a parked car

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I was parking a few nights ago and the owner of a parked car come over to me after I parked and said someone told her I hit her car. I did not hit her car and told her so. She looked at her bumper, and I offered to give her my information anyway, but she declined and walked away. Later that night I found a note from her on my car, requesting that I email her my information within the next 72 hours or else she would file a hit and run claim against me. Can she still file a hit and run claim against me if she declined my information when I first offered to give it to her but then requested it later? Since I didn't hit her car, even though she is claiming I did, do I still have to give her my information?
Hi! I will be the professional that will be helping you today. I look forward to providing you with information to help solve your problem.

Good afternoon. If she approached you and accused you of hitting her car and then walked away, deciding at the time to not take any action, there would not be a basis to support her allegation of a hit and run. The reason being is that you never left the scene of the alleged accident. For her to come back, leave a note and threaten to file a report for a hit and run, makes no sense. Moreover, she did not see this first hand, based upon the facts which you stated above. For there to be any basis to support this, the person who told on you and alleged you hit her car, would have to provide a statement to the police, to evidence this. If they did not, there is no way of knowing if you were the person who actually hit the car nor could they be able to place you behind the wheel of the vehicle. This would could be making it up, for all you know. There would be no evidence to support this womens allegation. If you did not hit the car, then you have no legal obligation to provide her with any information. This is not a situation where there may have been an accident and one party is claiming the vehicle was struck while the other is not. It is a situation where you had nothing to even do with her or be vehicle. If she did file a report, the police would contact you and you could explain the situation and demand that they speak with the person who saw and alleged you hit her car.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

In her note that she left on my car, she says that she took pictures of scratches on her bumper and my damaged bumper. My bumper has been damaged since before I bought it a year ago. She also said that her bumper is now hanging lower than it was before. I have not seen the pictures, but even if her bumper is scratched, I was not the one who did it. But can I get in trouble for it if she is claiming that I hit her car? She did not see it firsthand, but says her co-worker saw me hit her car and would act as a witness for her. I'm just not sure what course of action or any action I have to take in order not to be negligent if she is claiming I hit her car, even if I did not?

At this point, you can not stop her from filing a report, unless of course you just agreed to give her your information and pay for the damage. Seeing how you had nothing to do with this, there would be no basis to admit to it. You can ask her to provide you with her co-workers information, to see why they are making this allegation and if they can place you behind the wheel of the vehicle. If she does file a civil lawsuit or files a police report, it would be at that time that you need to retain legal counsel and defend yourself from her false allegation
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