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Please advise me on the below situation : Today on 4th July

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Please advise me on the below situation :

Today on 4th July night at the signal on road , my car was hit a little by the car behind me and the car behind me was also hit a little by the car behind that car . I got down from my car to see what happened and found that there is a little dent or scratch on the back of my car which is not noticeable from distance . Anyway , i was the victim and it was found that the 3rd car hit the 2nd car and thats why 2nd car hit my car . The 2nd car driver called the cop and was exchanging insurance information . That time i just gave my phone number to them and told them to contact me if needed my insurance info later because anyway i the victim to claim the compensation from them and i also got their insurance information .

Please guide me if anything to do from my side in this regard because so far i have never been in such situation since i migrated to USA in 2005 ?
Thank you for your question. I look forward to working with you to provide you the information you are seeking.

You were not the at fault party in the accident, but you had to exchange information with them. However, I am not sure I understand your specific question here, as it is not very clear what you specifically want to know based on what you have written.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

I want to know what is now my role in this whole situation because it is my first time to have such situation in USA ?


Please guide me if i need to do anything for my benefit ? What will be the next as i did not give my insurance info ? Will there beany bad effect on my insurance history or driving history or any negative or positive effect of this whole situation on me in any way ?

Thank you.

All you needed to do in this matter is provide your information to the other driver who hit you and also to the police. Other than reporting to them, you need to notify your insurance company about the accident and tell them you will pursue any claims against the driver who hit you. The reason you notify your insurance is in case anyone in the accident tries to make a claim against you for some reason in the accident and your insurance requires that they receive notice of all accidents as soon as possible after the accident, even if you are not making a claim, in order for them to provide you coverage and protection.

Other than reporting to your insurance, you have to do nothing other than call the other party's insurance if you want the damage fixed.

This will not have any impact on your insurance or your driving record.

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Customer: replied 4 years ago.

OK , So this situation will have no nagative effect on my insurance or driving record . May i know what will be the effect on the other party who hit my car ?

It will have no impact on your insurance or license, that is correct.

As far as the other driver, if someone hit him and pushed him into you, it is likely not going to be charged against his insurance for increased rates.
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