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I received a warning and a traffic citation for an unlawful

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I received a warning and a traffic citation for an unlawful change of lanes here in Oregon. The Officer said I did not use my turn signal while changing lanes on he road prior to the freeway and then again upon entering and changing lanes to the far left lane on the freeway. 3 lanes. I know that I did use my turn signal in both instances. I am very diligent in using my turn signals since it irritates me to no end when other people do not.

This took place approximately 2 months ago. I pleaded not guilty to the charge. Just prior to this ticket I had my car serviced at an oil can henrys facility. At that time all of the head lights and tail lights are checked by the attendants there. My car had no problems. less then a week after this is when I received my ticket. recently I was made aware of my left rear tail light flickering by a party that had been following me down the freeeway and we had pulled off at the same exit. I took my vehicle into my mechanic and he did a complete check of the lights and tail lights and found nothing wrong but just to be safe he replaced the bulbs in both of the tail light assemblies. About a 2 weeks later I had a friend of mine following me while we were helping a friend move and he mentioned to me that it looked like I may have a tail light that was out. At the time we checked it everything again seemed normal and working. I took it again to my mechanic and he pulled off the left assembly and noticed some burned areas of one of the plug in sockets. it appears that the socket to that assembly was going bad so I replaced the entire assembly on both sides and my tail lights are working perfectly since.

I am assuming that when I received this ticket that it must have been because of this defect. I know that I signaled when I changed lanes in both instances. the warning and the actual violation.

How can I prove to the judge that I used my turn signal and it is possible that this is why the officer had said I hadn't.

Hi, Eric, My name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be pleased to Answer your question today,


I see that you have visited JustAnswer several times, Welcome back ! I hope that what brings you back is the knowledge that you will receive a correct Answer, even if it is not the Answer you were hoping for, but you will be able to protect yourself and your rights by taking the appropriate steps.


You can ask your mechanic to come and testify that he repaired the tail light because it was flickering, but that in these situations the driver has no way of knowing that the light is flickering because the driver hears the clicking sound made by activating the turn signals. Your mechanic will be providing independent proof.


The only problem with this situation is that it is not enough for a motorist to use his or her turn signals; the turn signals must actually work and if they are not in working order, then the motorist actually did not signal, even if they thought they did. If your mechanic can truthfully testify that he had recently inspected the rear lights and everything was in working order and that there was no way that the driver could know that the signal lights were not blinking the way they should blink when a turn is being signaled, the Judge might be impressed by the fact that you have gone to such lengths to prove your innocence and equally impressed that you immediately had the plug in sockets replaced when your mechanic told you that that they were going bad,


You never know how a Judge will rule. Some individuals have such a great case, but it is presented so poorly that they actually lose, while some individuals who do not have a great case, but they have a stellar presentation will win their case.


In any event, you should plead "Not Guilty" and even if your mechanic does not come in to testify, you can explain it to the Judge and have copies of your receipts showing that your mechanic changed the plug in sockets. you will do just fine, I am sure of that,



I realize that this is not exactly the Answer you were hoping for and you would have wanted something a bit faster, and it would have been my pleasure to give you the Answer you were hoping for, but I have an ethical obligation to you to give you only correct Answers and information, so I am respectfully XXXXX XXXXX you not hold the law applicable to your case against me,




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