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Andrea, Esq.
Andrea, Esq., Attorney
Category: Traffic Law
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Experience:  25 yrs. of experience in traffic law, traffic stops, DUI, drugs, ARD, family law, criminal defense and personal injury.
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I have court tomorrow and I cant find the ticket that the

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I have court tomorrow and I can't find the ticket that the police department gave me. I have a copy of it in my cell phone and my lawyer has a copy too. I am being charged to assault 3rd (1) 120.00 my question is Can I show up to the court with a copy of this ticket, or they just will accept the original? My lawyer told me that they will ask for it, after have cleaned the house the original report was losted.


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I am sorry to hear that you cannot find your traffic ticket, but please do not get yourself too upset over it. If you have a picture of it in your cell phone and your lawyer also has a copy and the Court also has a duplicate original, the Court has enough to go on. You are not the first person who has misplaced a ticket, Do not worry. Just tell the Judge the truth, or have your lawyer tell the Judge that it was misplaced. The important thing which the Judge will look at is that even though you misplaced the ticket they gave you, you still appeared for your Court date and that is what counts, Everything will be fine, I promise you,



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