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Daughter received a ticket in Chatham County NC for 78 in a

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Daughter received a ticket in Chatham County NC for 78 in a 55. She lives in Tennessee and was here for a wedding. Given that she works in Tenn it is impractical for her to be a the court date. May a parent represent her is she simply wants to plead guilty?

You cannot appear on her behalf, first, because you are not a lawyer and second, because she is charged with a criminal offense. 15 mph + over the speed limit is not just a ticket but is considered excessive speeding, a Class 2 misdemeanor punishable by up to 60 days in jail. If she fails to appear in court on the ticket, the judge will likely issue a warrant for her arrest. If she appears in court and has a fairly clean record she can likely plea bargain the case down to a traffic infraction, but if she pleads guilty, she will end up with a criminal record. So she not only has to appear, it is in her best interest to appear to try to work out a deal where she does not end up with a misdemeanor on her record.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Can she be represented by an attorney and not appear?

If you find an attorney for her, the attorney might be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to reduce the charge before the trial date so she would not have to appear. However, this does not happen very often and if the charge remains a misdemeanor, she will personally have to appear and answer the charge. Basically, any time someone is charged with a jailable offense, they have to appear in court or the judge will issue a warrant. The only way around that is for an attorney to try to negotiate a reduction before the trial date.
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