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SmithEsq, Attorney
Category: Traffic Law
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Experience:  Criminal Law Attorney with extensive trial experience.
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Iam an 81 years old woman. Owner of sevarl horses that are

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Iam an 81 years old woman. Owner of sevarl horses that are taken care of by several men responsable for the horses health. I have documents proving that I have owned horses for the last 27 years, when I adopted a Mustang horse, 1986 and she is still with me and in good health.
One of my horses died as a result of one of my workers neglet of taking care of the sick horse. A Vet geve medicines but the horse did not respond and he should have notified me but failed to do so. At this time I was approx 10 days away of having surchery on my eye [cornea transplant and was with extreme pain and unable to personally realize what was happening. Animal Control has charged me a felonyand I have to go to Court on July 3rd, 2013. My only contact with the law has been a parking one or two parking tickets. I have been a R. E. Broker for the last 20 years and have no one complain with the CA Real Estate Commissioner.
My question is this: Do you recoment that I cotact the District Attoney on the case and try to ask her if a settlement is possible: extrenous circunstances?
This has been painful to me and the shock to se my horse suffer like that and be accuse of cruelty to animals as I have dedicated good part of my life enjoying and taking care of horses.
or Should I just go to the Court and talk to the the District Attorney there?
Please respond
My question is sthis

SmithEsq : Hi!
SmithEsq : Are you still looking for an answer?
SmithEsq : First I want to tell you that defendants should generally, as a rule NOT talk to the district attorneys office without a lawyer present. If you can't afford a lawyer ask for a public defender on your next court date. Do not talk about the case to anyone in court except your lawyer (or out of court, except anonymously like this).
SmithEsq : It is likely with the help of a public defemder your case can be straightened out. The person who did this to your horse is a necessary witness. Don't tell him but tell your lawyer his name and contact info so he can be interviewed
SmithEsq : I'm going to switch us to question and answer mode. Please remember to ask me as many questions as needed until you are satisfied. Once you are satisfied, please remember to rate my answer 3-5 stars.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

You gave me a good answer however, I need a criminal lawye's answer don't I?

Could you send my question to a criminal lawyer? As is a felony I am accrued of commuting.

Please transfer me if possible or should I start all over again?.

I am a criminal lawyer-f you are asking for more detail I will try to oblige. The way I see it, your worker was responsible for the negligence with the horse. They will try to say that you had a duty to report it yourself, or have the horse taken in to a vet, but as a criminal lawyer I would argue that your age limits how much involvement you can have with the day to day details with the horse and that you rely on your workers more than say, someone of a younger age, he violated your trust and the law. P,ease remember we are not permitted to call anything we say to you "advice" but I am a criminal defense attorney and that is my reflection. Is that more helpful?
SmithEsq and 2 other Traffic Law Specialists are ready to help you
Remember though, if your defense surrounds the failed duty of your worker, you still shouldn't talk to the district attorney.Your attorney will be aware can work out a deal but you shouldn't go there.
I really strive for 100% satisfaction, so please tell me what else I can do for you.