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Dimitry K., Esq.
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Traffic Ticket (never had one/dont know what to do) California

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Traffic Ticket (never had one/don't know what to do)

California court: Van Nuys Courthouse West

Not sure what to do, and appearance date is tomorrow (July 1).
We also can't afford to spend a bunch of hours at court.

Daughter rec'd $500+ ticket for a camera shot of failing to stop at a red light while turning (WB to NB De Soto Ave at Victory Blvd). She's just back from college, and will go back soon. Doesn't want to spend tuition on a ticket.
We paid, friday, the fee for traffic school and rec'd the receipt from Superior Court.

1. Can we get the fee reduced if this is her first offense?
2. It says we need to appear July 1 (tomorrow/today). What do we do?

Dimitry Esquire :

Thank you for your question. Please permit me to assist you.

Dimitry Esquire :

Does your daughter have any defense to the offense? Was it her operating the vehicle?

Dimitry Esquire :

Is she planning to contest?

Dimitry Esquire :

Please advise so I can best suggest alternatives for you, thank you!


My apologies, I was not sure if you saw my posts to you. Are you able to respond to my questions at this time? Do you see my responses?

Thank you for your follow-up, Scott. Please allow me to respond below:

I didn't hear the chat, sorry. She did do it. We're in midst of divorce, and December 26th (when it happened) was a particularly emotional time. Also, she's only in LA June-August, as she goes to school in Seattle. She's also having an operation in late July if that's of help. We already paid and would hope for a refund.
I am somewhat concerned here. If you already pled guilty and paid the fine, the state is not going to return anything since you already admitted to the offense. You can, however, appear in court and ask for a plea deal or a lowering of the offense if you haven't yet pled guilty but paid the fine--if the state agrees (and that would be based on her past driving record, which would mean that if she has no other offenses they would be far more likely to agree to a lesser offense), and may then agree to return a portion of the fine amount. The fact it was an emotional time or she is having surgery later is not related or relevant in any way to the underlying offense, what matters is if she committed the offense or if she has any affirmative defenses. Barring that, the ticket remains.

Good luck.

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