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My drivers license was suspended in Virginia, but I moved

Customer Question

My driver's license was suspended in Virginia, but I moved to Tennessee and got my license. I got pulled over in Georgia and had no issues with my license being suspended but it got suspended in Georgia then for DUID. I did some research and pretty much everywhere I looked said I was still okay to drive in Tennessee, especially since neither state is a part of the national license compact. I got a letter from Georgia's DMV saying I wasn't aloud to drive just like I did in Virginia way back when but I never got anything from Tennessee. However, I got in an accident the other day and got a ticket for driving on a suspended. So basically my questions are: Why was
I okay the first time I got pulled when my license had been suspended in Virginia? (for quite a few years prior I might add) Why did it show up last week? Should I be okay since Tennessee's DMV never contacted me? Is there any loop holes I can take advantage of? Or maybe a class I can take or something? Any help at all would be greatly appreciated since as you can imagine, without a license I'm in a pretty bad fix now that I have no way to work or anything else for that matter, plus it'd be nice to have some information that could help me when I go to court, also I still have my hard copy Tennessee issued driver's license. Thank you in advance
Submitted: 4 years ago.
Category: Traffic Law
Expert:  SmithEsq replied 4 years ago.

SmithEsq :

Hi I'm a licensed attorney and will be helping you with your question today. It's true that most states have compacts which state that a DUI suspension from one state will be honored in adjacent or other states. I'm going to do some research on this issue for you if that's all right and will be responding a bit later. Please remember the following: I am working on your question actively and do not expect you to consider it "answered" until I come back to you with an actual answer. After I answer it, I would ask that you rate it three or more stars if you are satisfied, as that is the ONLY way we get credit for our work. Please ask me as many questions as you need to you, there is no limit on that and that's what I am here for! I am going to change the format of our dialogue to "Question and Answer" so I can write in a box, and you respond in the box at the bottom of the page. No matter what it says, DO NOT RATE UNTIL I HAVE FULLY ANSWERED AND YOU ARE SATISFIED. With that being said, I have a little research to do.

Expert:  SmithEsq replied 4 years ago.
FIrst of all, you are correct that Georgia and Tenn. are non compact states. Do you have anything on your license from Tenn that they could be using to as the cause of the suspension?
Expert:  SmithEsq replied 4 years ago.
I looked into the Tennesee Driver's Manual, which is extremely detailed. I believe it may contain all your answers.
As I believe you have much more information about your driving history than you have yet told me, it may be helpful for you to look at it. It repeatedly states that a suspended license would prevent you from getting a license in Tennesee, no matter the reason. Second, you can lose your Tenn. license for a number of reasons, one is having two or more very serious moving violations in tenn.Even though it's a noncompact state, it's extremely strict about who it issues licenses to. The first mention of this is on page 4. But skimmed the whole thing and found other examples of ways to lose your license that are not necessarily made known to the public unless you read this manual. So if you need more help, it would be helpful to me to tell me your tennesee driver's history. Also, how long have you had it? I hope this is helpful. Click the link above for what I believe will really be a help to you.
Expert:  SmithEsq replied 4 years ago.
ONce you get back to me and we can communicate about your situation I can answer more of your question. I look forward to speaking with you!