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I received a camera ticket in Chatsworth, CA which is part

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I received a camera ticket in Chatsworth, CA which is part of LA City, are they enforcing those tickets?
According to this article it doesn't appear so, can you confirm?
Thank you for your question. I will do my best to answer your question. Please note that this does not constitute legal advice as I do not know all the specific facts of your situation. We have not created an attorney-client relationship simply through this communication. Also, please be aware that none of these communications are confidential and are located on a public web site.

The City of Los Angeles shut down its red light camera system effective July 31, 2011. As of March 31, 2012, LAPD officers will no longer appear in court to testify on these cases.

I assume from your question that you received the ticket prior to July 31, 2011. If you ignore the ticket, you should know that the ticket will NOT be reported to the California DMV. However, if you take any action to recognize or challenge the ticket, it could result in a violation that will be reported to the DMV. The common course of action here is to simply ignore the ticket.

Additionally, some tickets issued by other agencies in L.A. City (such as by Metro - MTA and Los Angeles County) ARE still being enforced. But if your ticket was issued by LAPD, it is no longer being enforced.

So to directly answer your question, the City of Los Angeles is no longer enforcing red light tickets, including the one you received.

Please let me know if I can clarify any of my remarks.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Hi there, my ticket was issued 5/21/2013 by Los Angeles Metropolitan Transportation Authority Automated Enforcement and my notice to appear is by LA County Sherriff's Dept for failure to stop on Red turn signal but the pictures show traffic moving and no red light or any light was in the picture on the turn. I hope that offers more information to help me make a decision on what to do. Thank you

I'm glad you gave me that additional information, since that makes a huge difference! I had a suspicion that another agency issued the ticket since L.A. hasn't issued them since 2011.

The tickets ARE still being issued and can be enforced since they are issued by MTA and not the City of L.A. However, as with the L.A. tickets, if you do nothing, they will NOT BE REPORTED to the California DMV.

L.A. County is NOT pursuing the enforcement of these tickets as long as you ignore them. Once you contact the Sheriff's Department or the court, you recognize the validity of the ticket and it can be enforced. Many people choose to ignore the ticket with no adverse consequences.

You also have the option of challenging the ticket on the basis that it was improperly issued (i.e. that you did not actually run a red light). Some drivers prefer to clear up the ticket once and for all all challenge the ticket on this basis.

What you want to do with the ticket is ultimately a decision you have to make, but L.A. County is not currently enforcing these tickets and it will not have any affect on your driving record.
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