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Hello, I live in nyc and just recently took a group bus

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I live in nyc and just recently took a group bus at a discount price of $13 to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Connecticut-which included a $20 coupon off their restaurant buffet, a "mix and Match" $20 coupon for gaming that they say you have to match with your own $20 bill.
I have 3 issues here.

1. When we are returning back to new york, the female assistant that checks people's tickets, goes around and is collecting $2 from every person. When I gave her $3 for the two of us, she shouted outloud that its $2 each. I didn't argue with her, but, first of all, nothing is written or said that a tip is mandatory, or at all, nor were we told this.
The tip doesn't put me into bankruptcy, but it seems that first-there are 60 odd people on this bus times $2 each=#120 for one bus trip and they are making more than one trip a day because we are there about 5 1/2 hours before returning.
-This seems to be illegal, and also, implies they aren't getting paid a salary, or below minimum wage?

2.The $20 restaurant buffet coupon is good any time before returning-but the restaurant cashier insisted that after 5:00pm there is a $5 extra charge each, that we had to pay, even though, nothing is mentioned on the ticket coupon, or that I noticed on the sign over the cashier booth. Is this legal, and as far as I know, the cashier can simply be pocketing the extra money himself?

3. The question of Mix and Match game coupons is that on previous trips, the one play $20 allowed didn't require any matching money. It might be within their perogrative to change it now-but I just wonder what your opinion is?
Thank you for your question. I will do my best to answer your question. Please note that this does not constitute legal advice as I do not know all the specific facts of your situation. We have not created an attorney-client relationship simply through this communication. Also, please be aware that none of these communications are confidential and are located on a public web site.

I'd be happy to give you my opinion on all three issues you raise:

1. If this $2 per person charge was not listed on the ticket you purchased, the assistant cannot collect it. My suspicion here is that the assistant may be pocketing the money. I'm not sure this implies they aren't getting paid a salary -- it is likely just a way for someone to make more money, whether it's the assistant or the casino itself. In any event, if the $2 fee is not listed anywhere, I would raise a fuss next time so I wouldn't have to pay it.

2. Again, you will have to look at the coupon and signs. If you were never told when you purchased the coupon about the $5 charge, then it is not legal. There is a good chance the cashier is pocketing the money. But I would read the fine print on your coupon to make sure.

3. This is 100% fine so long as 1) the coupon states a match is required and 2) you were told about the match at the time you purchased the coupon. The casino can change the coupon at any time. What the casino can't do is tell you that you're buying a coupon that does NOT require a match, then give you a coupon that requires a match.

What this really comes down to is what you were told at the time you purchased the coupon. The casino can't add on extra charges, fees, or conditions. Basically, unless the coupon says they can charge extra fees, they can't.

Please let me know if I can clarify any of my remarks.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

-Regarding the $2, the assistant is collecting. She isn't bothering to say its a tip for her, or more likely, her and the bus driver. but she is lying by demanding and implying that its mandatory.
She is doing this while the bus is still in Connecticut on the way back-for whatever legal relevence that is.


-This is a cheap $13 roundtrip fare, which is really a bargain, but I don't know how the bus company makes money on this,-the ticket seller itself is an travel agency-that just sells casino tickets. Perhaps the bus company is simply a channel for the casino to bring in people?

A written letter to management may make result in this $2 "fee" disappearing on your next bus trip. Management probably has no idea this is happening.

The casino is almost certainly paying for part of the bus company's operations and may even own the bus company. This is a very common thing for casinos to do. Casinos will do almost anything to get people in the door.
Customer: replied 4 years ago.

Yes. I assume you mean the Casino Management, and not the Travel Agency?


-Everybody else on the Bus, instantly hands over the $2-, its implied that you made a fortune by gambling, and, HOW CHEAP CAN YOU BE?, but if they have a salary, these people are being unjustly enriched? Is what they are doing legal to begin with? Either it is illegal to pay them less than minimun wage, or they are gorging on this?

-I wouldn't mind if it isn't compulsary.


Yes, casino management, not the travel agency.

I would be very surprised if they were being paid less than the minimum wage. That isn't what's going on here. Someone is just trying to make quick buck. Who's behind it isn't clear but it could just be the low-level employees who operate the bus rides.

And it's legal to an extent. If they tell you before you board the bus in NYC that you're going to have to pay $2 to get back on the bus in Conn., that's fine. But they can't take you all the way to the casino and then say, "by the way, if you want to ride the bus back home, it's an extra $2."

I would recommend writing a letter to casino management with your complaints. Alternatively, you could either stop going to the casino or find another way to get there.
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