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Hello, -I live in nyc, and was given a traffic summons, with

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-I live in nyc, and was given a traffic summons, with $60 penalty for double parking in front of my coop building-but the address on the ticket is wrong-it is listed as several blocks away.
-I was alone when the traffic cop gave me this ticket-I don't have a witness that I was in front of my own building and not 1/4 mile away.
-I am plannning to appeal this in traffic court;Do I have a case for this-?I have no buisness at this other address which is part of this large multi-coop project

You could try to get the case dismissed by saying that the accusatory instrument is defective in that you have never had any business in front of the other address. If that fails, you'd have to convince the magistrate that the officer was mistaken about the location he marked on the ticket.

One problem is, of course, that it's no more legal to double park in front of your own building than it is to double park in front of the one mentioned on the ticket, so saying where you actually were when the ticket was issued won't do you any good and would constitute an admission.

Customer: replied 4 years ago.

-suppose I just say that I never park in front of that part of the coop complex- 34 buildings?-Of course, judge would probably ask where I was?


Hi Jonas,

Right. Unfortunately, you're between a rock and a hard place. If the judge asks you where you were when you got the ticket, then, of course, you have to tell the truth.

Also, remember that this is a civil and not a criminal proceeding, so that the burden of proof here favors the state.

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