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I received a moving violation for a red light in NJ. It was

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I received a moving violation for a red light in NJ. It was from an automatic camera system. My license is from CT. Anyway I looked at the video online and it seems to me the lights changed rather fast from green to red. I never even noticed they had changed while I was driving. Is there some minimum time lights are allowed to change from green to red? This seems rather unfair.

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In Answer to your question, there is a minimum time limit in which the traffic light turns from green to red. This timing is governed by local traffic Ordinances and they vary from Township to Township, and according to the traffic patterns of each particular Township. We do not have the local Traffic Ordinances, of the various Townships across the United States, but I am able to tell you with a great deal of certainty that is at least 3 seconds, if not more. Therefore, it would be to your benefit to plead "Not Guilty" to the ticket and get a hearing date for it. In the meantime, go to the traffic light with a stop watch and time the change of the traffic light through several changes from green to red and note down how many seconds pass before the light turns from green to full red. Your next stop is to go to the municipal building in the Town in which the traffic light in question is located and ask the Municipal Clerk to show you the local Traffic Ordinances and specifically the one governing traffic signals. After you find the minimum time on the traffic lights, ask for the local Ordinance that governs the maintenance of the traffic lights and see how often they are supposed to be tested and maintained. Then, ask for the specific maintenance records for that particular traffic light that you received the ticket for. Take notes on how often they are supposed to be maintained and also notes on the dates that this particular traffic light was tested and calibrated. All you need is one discrepancy to raise reasonable doubt.


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