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Curious whether or not I should challenge a speeding ticket.

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Curious whether or not I should challenge a speeding ticket. I was passing a moving truck before the two lanes merged into one; however, in doing that I thought I was in a 35 MPH zone and did not realize I was still in a 25 MPH zone. I have not had a ticket in years and even so I believe it was only for a van picture ticket. They say if I pay early I would only get 2 points. Since I never challenged a ticket I am not sure if it is worth it. Even if I was in a 35 MPH zone it would be 1 point. Thoughts?

If you have a pretty clean record, you can often get a better deal by going to court. It is unlikely that you would win at a trial because not knowing the speed limit isn't really a defense. However, the judge may cut a break on the fine or defer the ticket for a period of time and if you don't get further tickets it is dismissed (although that tends to be for first offenders, though judges may do it for someone who has gone a long period of time without a ticket). However, there is always the risk that the judge may not cut you a break and you end up with court costs in addition to the fine, and/or that the cost of taking the time out of your day to sit in traffic court will not offset the fine reduction. We can't tell you what to do but basically it boils down to whether you are willing to risk extra costs and/or a loss of time for a benefit that could be negligible or it could be worth it. Unfortunately, there's no way to know what the judge is going to do because judges have discretion on how to handle these types of cases. Some are very lenient and others are not.
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