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Alex J. Esq.
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Reckless Driving ticket in VA

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Hi, I received a reckless driving ticket in VA and I'm a Maryland resident, 79 in 55mph. I'm wondering what are my opinions in having a lawyer represent me or should I go to court myself and represent myself. I'm not too familiar with the process in this situation.

Alex Esquire : Hello my name is XXXXX XXXXX I will be glad to answer your question.
Alex Esquire : Are you online with me?
Customer: Yes, thank you
Alex Esquire : Welcome to
Customer: Thanks
Alex Esquire : I am sorry to hear about your situation.
Customer: thank you, XXXXX XXXXX
Alex Esquire : This is a very serious misdemeanor criminal offense in Virginia, that can be subject to up to 1 year in jail upon conviction.
Customer: geez...ok
Alex Esquire : Not to mention heavy fines and suspension for up to 1 year in both Maryland, Virginia and most other US states.
Alex Esquire : Unfortunately, most moving violations are criminal misdemeanor in Virginia
Customer: so in this situation do people go without representation and let the judge decide on the case per individual basis?
Alex Esquire : No
Alex Esquire : Absolutely NOT!
Customer: or a lawyer would be more suitable?
Alex Esquire : You have too much to loss when you face a serious misdemeanor charge, so you would absolutely want to hire a local criminal defense attorney to represent you in this case.
Customer: ok, that would be a wiser choice
Alex Esquire : Local attorney might be able to get your case dismissed on some type of legal technicality or in the worst case scenario negotiate a plea bargain deal, which would allow you to plead to a reduced charge, which would not subject you to jail time or license suspension.
Alex Esquire : Does this make sense?
Customer: yes that would be preferred
Alex Esquire : Do you have any related follow up questions?
Customer: thank you, XXXXX XXXXX you made a good point
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