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I have a NC driving license and got a traffic ordinance violation

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I have a NC driving license and got a traffic ordinance violation in Turbeville, SC. It was for speeding 50 in a 35. The recommended bond amount is $288. Violation section number referenced on the ticket is 00-00-0000 / 13-22. The officer said as written, there would be no motor vehicle points or insurance points and if I showed up in court, the fine would be reduced $100. I am able to go to court and it would cost me $40 to appear. I got a speeding ticket last year in NC for 70 in a 55 reduced to faulty equipment by hiring a lawyer to represent me in court. What would you advise I do to minimize my financial impact and my going forward risk?
Thank you for your question. I will do my best to answer your question. Please note that this does not constitute legal advice as I do not know all the specific facts of your situation. We have not created an attorney-client relationship simply through this communication. Also, please be aware that none of these communications are confidential and are located on a public web site.

Hiring a lawyer to represent you will give you the greatest chance to reduce the ticket, but you may be able to negotiate the reduction yourself without the expense of needing to hire a lawyer.

I would recommend contacting the District Attorney/prosecutor for the court in which the ticket is pending as soon as possible and see if he will agree to amend or reduce the ticket to a lesser offense. Often, D.A.s will agree to amend or reduce the ticket if you agree to plead guilty in order to avoid the expense and hassle of a trial. You will likely be given a lower fine amount and, most importantly, the ticket can be reduced to a violation with no points of any kind.

I suggest contacting the D.A. ASAP to work out a deal in advance of your court date. But you should be aware that some courts will require a driver to appear in order for a ticket to be reduced. You could also meet with the D.A. the day of your court hearing, but I usually like to know what I am getting myself into so I would suggest trying to work out something in advance.

If the D.A. is unwilling to work with you (which can happen if you have a number of other tickets or if this ticket involved an accident/alcohol), you always have the option of hiring an attorney. But you have nothing to lose by trying to reduce the ticket on your own.

Please let me know if I can clarify any of my remarks.
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