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I bought a new vehicle in 2006 from a dealer. At that time

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I bought a new vehicle in 2006 from a dealer. At that time it was supposed to be Nevada legal in all matters. A month and a half ago a nevada state trooper pulled me over and ran this device over my passenger side window and said the tint was to dark and I needed to replace the tint on the passenger and driver side windows How can this be as it was supposed to be Nevada legal when I bought it?

Michael P Reed Sr.


I am sorry to hear that you were mislead by the auto dealer.

Each state has the right to regulate state specific laws such as darkness of window tint. Based upon what you shared with me it sounds like the person who sold you the vehicle provided you with misleading information. In Nevada at least 35% of light must be allowed to pass into the front side windows of the vehicle. If the dealer registered the car for you or specifically knew you would be registering the vehicle in Nevada, then you may be able to seek compensation from the dealer.

I provided the law for NV because I assume that is where the vehicle is registered. If it's registered in a different state then let me know as the state where the vehicle is registered are the laws that you must comply.

I hope this information is helpful and please try to remember when rating my answer, that I have no control over how the law impacts your sitation so please do not leave low feedback just because the answer may not be something you had wish not hearing.

I hope you have a good day and let me know if you have another question or if something was not clear.



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