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Code VC 21453A Is this Ciation Legal if based on

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Code VC 21453A Is this Ciation Legal if based on Photographic Evidence, and should I try to beat it, or just pay it?
Thank you for your question. There is a lot of talk amongst the driving populace in California as to whether red light cameras are valid or constitutional.
At this point, they are still legal. However, there are a few ways to fight them.
The first is to test the photo to see if it clearly identifies your car. Also, because California moving violations put points on your drivers license, so they also have to clearly demonstrate that it was you who was driving and must have a clear photo of your face. If the photo does not have either of these, this could allow the court to either dismiss your case, or could convince a jury that they could not convict you.
Here are a few more great tips on fighting red light camera tickets:
Remember, it is not a guarantee that you win it, buy you can by fighting it by poking holes in the camera evidence to show reasonable doubt. If you have access to the photos and can take a look, it might be worth your time to fight the ticket.
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