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This question is in regards XXXXX XXXXX law. The drivers manual

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This question is in regards XXXXX XXXXX law. The driver's manual states that when turning left you must yield to all oncoming traffic. Does this differ from where you are turning left, such as a four way stop with stop signs or at an intersection with a left turn signal? Additionally, if you were at a intersection with a left turn signal and you proceeded into the intersection when the left arrow turned green for you and you were hit by another motorist while turning, could you receive a failure to yield ticket while doing so?

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When entering a 4 way stop, with signs posted for all drivers to see, there is an order of priority, with the first driver to approach the stop sign, having the right of way. The 2nd driver would then go and so on. As far as turning left with a green arrow, you would not have to yield the right of way, since they would be stopped and there is a traffic control device allowing you to proceed. Had the light been green but not a green turn arrow, then you would have to yield. Normally, the traffic control device when making a left hand turn, across lanes of traffic, would first appear as a green turn arrow, giving the driver the right of way. However, often that changes to only a green light, which would then require then to yield, to the oncoming traffic.

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Customer: replied 5 years ago.

yes I understand about the vehicles being stopped, but what I'm referring to is if while you were proceeding into the intersection, on a green arrow, and a vehicle runs a red light or lets say is turning right and a collision occurs could you receive a ticket as well? The driver's manual does state that when turning left you must yield to all oncoming traffic, but does not differentiate between a four way stop w/ signs or a left turn signal at an intersection.

The citation would be issued to the person who did not have the right of away and was thus in violation of the statute/code. Yielding the right of way applies when there is no direct signal, allowing a driver to proceed. When there is a 4 way stop, the rule is that the first at the sign, shall proceed, followed by the 2nd and 3rd. The same goes for a green arrow, which indicates to the driver that it is safe to proceed and they have the right of way as well. Even though a person received a ticket, it does not mean they were at fault or guilty. The officer arrived after the fact, so likely did not witness this. As such, if the case when to trial, all driver would need to be present and could testify to the facts and what the traffic control device indicated.
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