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I got speeding ticket and citation one for 08/19/12 and other

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I got speeding ticket and citation one for 08/19/12 and other 8/26/12 while i was driving rental car. the car odometer was reading speed of 55 while officers told me the car was speeding 67. if there any things i could do about this issue please give me your input

Thank you,

Thank you for your question.

Unfortunately, a faulty speedometer is not a defense to a speeding ticket. That being said, the rental car company would likely have liability for providing you with a vehicle with a faulty speedometer which resulted in a fine to you.

My advice is to pay the speeding ticket and then submit the costs to the rental car company. If you have the specific information regarding what vehicle you had, this would be useful.

Customer: replied 5 years ago.

the two speeding ticket will go on my record and you know insurance premuim will increase about 25% to 30%. i am wondering if i can fight back and win over. becouse of a good driving record i have!

I would be lying if I told you that you could go to court and win with proof that the speedometer was broken.

You can attempt to request a dismissal of the tickets from the prosecuting attorney by submitting proof that the speedometer was broken and that you have a good driving record. However, that proof would need to be either from the rental car company in the form of an affidavit, or from a mechanic who at or near the date of the tickets inspected the vehicle and certifies that the speedometer was broken. Even then, it would be within the prosecuting attorney's discretion whether or not to drop the tickets.

You can ask that the court grant you deferred adjudication. A deferred adjudication will prevent the traffic tickets from showing up on your insurance. Again, you need to have solid proof of the defective speedometer to show the court. I would still try and ask for a deferred adjudication in your case if I were you, even if you can't get proof of the faulty speedometer, and just rely on your good driving record (you will need to prove that as well with some sort of document from the State).

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