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Oregon State Police Traffic Stop Procedures. What if anything

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Oregon State Police Traffic Stop Procedures. What if anything are state troopers required to do upon stopping a vehicle? Ticket issued for following too close.
1. Do they have to identify themselves?
2. Do they have to state the reason for the stop?
3. Can they ask questions after handing the ticket back to the driver?
4. If other driver was impeding traffic, is there a minimum line-up of traffic to qualify as impeding traffic? State Hwy.
Thanks, BobS

Alex Esquire :

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Alex Esquire :

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1) State Troopers/Police Officers do not have to identify themselves (even though they can) if in full uniform and wearing a name tag.

2) The reason for the stop does have to be stated.

3) Yes cops can ask questions after the ticked is issued a handed over to the motorist.

4) There is no minimum "line-up" traffic that would qualify for impeding traffic. Vehicle operator is always responsible for keeping a safe distance between his car and the vehicle in front of it.

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