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I received a speeding ticket for going 12 miles over

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I received a speeding ticket for going 12 miles over yesterday. They gave me court date. What is the law on 2nd offense speeding in Tn. This will be my second offense in two years.
If you were just going 12 miles over the speed limit, it seems odd you would automatically receive a court date. Normally, a person issued a traffic citation for speeding, has the option to go to court, if they want to fight the ticket. If not, the person can pay the ticket, which will result in points on their license, or they can take an online driving school, to keep points off their license. Court dates for speeding tickets are by request only. The Judge is going to look over your driving record and make you an offering based on your record. If you chose to accept this offer, you can accept what the Judge is offering ( hopefully no points and maybe driving school), pay a fine/court costs and be done with the ticket. If you wish to fight the ticket, you will come back for a trial, at which time you can question the officer and inspect his documents.
Customer: replied 9 years ago.
They just gave me court date no cost or anything. Do they typically just give court date or do they usually put the amount on the ticket because there was not an amount on there. Could I contact the courts to find out or?
Sometimes the officers do not write the correct amount on the ticket. They do not typically give you a court date. They normally give you a pamphlet, which outlines the options available to you. There should be a chart, which shows how much money you would have to pay, for going 12 miles over the limit. As I said before, if you pay the ticket you will get points on your license. You may want to look into hiring a traffic attorney to represent you in this matter. The traffic attorney will try and get the ticket dismissed or keep any points/convictions, off your license. Once the ticket is filed and in the system, which can take a few days to weeks, you can call them and see your options.
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