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How much should I expect to pay in Portland Oregon for a

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How much should I expect to pay in Portland Oregon for a complete brake job on a 2003 Toyota Sequoia, pads, rotors front and back with OEM parts. I've noticed OEM parts last quite a bit longer than aftermarket so I'm willing to pay more for the original Toyota parts. Thx

Hi! Welcome to JustAnswer. Thanks for coming! I'm Ron and I'll be working with you on your question today. Please give me a moment to review your question and type out my reply. Sit tight one minute... I'll be right back!

Thanks for holding!

The front pads sell for around $88.

The rear pads sell for around $$78

The front brake rotors sell for around $87 each.

The rear brake rotors sell for around $103 each.

The Labor Time Guide calls for 1.1 hours to complete the front brakes and 1.1 hours to complete the rear brakes. So-

Parts: $546

Labor: 2.2 hours. Labor rates in your area vary from shop to shop, so what you pay for labor will effect the bot***** *****ne. For a job of this type, a "fair" labor rate can be anywhere from $85-$125 per hour.

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Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Thanks, so $700 round figures. Is that for OEM Toyota factory parts? Do you agree that OEM is best way to go? It sure makes a difference on my suburban; I get 28,000 miles rather than only 15,000 out of a brake job on it.

Correct, these are all Dealer-suggest retail price for genuine Toyota OE parts.

Absolutely OE is the best way to go. Definitely more/longer lasting life out of OE parts. And no worry about not fitting "exactly" as they should with OE. It more cost a bit more up front, but in the long run... worth the investment for sure.

Customer: replied 2 months ago.
Ron, local Toyota dealer quoted me $1000 today. What can I do to get them down to a more reasonable number like $700?

Sorry for the delay... I was Offline when this reply came in.

To be perfectly honest here... I don't have much experience with this. I usually do not have direct interaction with customers when it comes to bills and pricing. I have a service writer for that. They usually keep me in the garage away from the people! LOL! But, I guess if I had any advice- I'd say have them give you an itemized list of the parts and the costs. And see how much labor they are charging you and the rate of that labor. Make sure there are no unneeded services in there like say, brake fluid flush and fill. This is a totally unnecessary service that many shops try to tack on just to boost profit. No need for it. Other than that, unfortunately, I'm not quite sure how else to haggle the price down. Like I say, I just don't have to do it at my shop. Sorry I couldn't be of more help on this one!

Customer: replied 1 month ago.

You're welcome! Glad I could be of some help! Enjoy your weekend!