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Yesterday, while my daughters were driving my 2006 Hybrid

Customer Question

Yesterday, while my daughters were driving my 2006 Hybrid Highlander, it lost power after they had been driving on the highway for almost an hour in 100+ outside temps. (It lost power after they exited the highway). They received help to push it off the road. After about 30 minutes, they were able to start it again and drive it about a mile home. The messages were "check engine", "maintenance required", and "check hybrid system". They "maintenance required" light had gone on in the past couple of days for a routine oil change. After checking the coolant (levels were fine) and the oil (a little low, but still within range), we added a little oil. Then after reading multiple suggestions online to disconnect the 12v battery for a couple of minutes to clear the codes, we did that and it did seem to clear the codes. I plan on taking to my dealer on Monday. What should I ask them to look for?
Submitted: 1 month ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 1 month ago.

Thanks for posting

The dealer will know what to look for after you relay the same context as above to them, the first thing is to check for diagnostic codes, since you disconnected the battery there may be something in the history of the computer or pending codes, unless the check engine light is on then there will be "hard" or permanent codes.

The check engine light is usually the root cause, when it turns on it can also trigger other warning light so the CEL is usually addressed first, most of the time the CEL on is caused by an emission control malfunction but in this case it is probably something else since there was a loss of power and engine stalling. It could also be a mechanical engine problem, this engine has a timing belt so I would suggest that it be checked as well as fuel pressure if necessary.

Please reply if you have any other questions or concerns about this.