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Peter Bagley
Peter Bagley, Auto Service Technician
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Why is it a problem if my '06 Prius is only at 10.13V while

Customer Question

Why is it a problem if my '06 Prius is only at 10.13V while moving? What repairs need to be made?
JA: Are you fixing your Prius yourself? What have you tried so far?
Customer: It is at a Toyota dealership and that is the diagnosis.
JA: Anything else you want the mechanic to know before I connect you?
Customer: No, just want to know if this is a major problem that must be repaired.
Submitted: 7 months ago.
Category: Toyota
Customer: replied 7 months ago.
The problem code was P0A08/264
Expert:  Peter Bagley replied 7 months ago.

Hello and welcome to just answer, my name is ***** ***** master tech here to help. I cannot see or hear your vehicle so I rely on your input to help you better. I read your notes and thanx for those codes they will help to diagnose.

Expert:  Peter Bagley replied 7 months ago.

code- P0A08 - DC/DC converters overheating when the inverter pumps failed

I suggest that you inspect the inverter coolant pump yourself, to verify that it is working. This is easy enough to do:

1. Make the car IG-ON (from IG-OFF, press the POWER button 2x without depressing the brake pedal.) All of the instrument panel warning lights will be on.

2. Open the hood and look for the inverter coolant pump behind the driver's side headlamp. Listen for the sound of the pump running (should sound like an aquarium pump and you should not hear air bubbles.)

3. Look at the inverter coolant reservoir and note turbulence in the fluid which shows the fluid is circulating.

Also note that the original 12V battery passed the "load test". This is why I suggest that owners not bother to pay for this test at the dealer, if there are any questions about the battery just replace it.

Expert:  Peter Bagley replied 7 months ago.

P0264 - Cylinder 2 Injector Circuit Low

Possible causes- Dirty Fuel Injector 2- Faulty Fuel Injector 2- Plugged Fuel Injector 2- Fuel injector 2 harness is open or shorted- Fuel injector 2 circuit poor electrical connection

Clogged or partially clogged fuel injector can cause this code. Start by performing an injector flush before replacing the injector.

Expert:  Peter Bagley replied 7 months ago.

There was a recall or campaign on certain year Prius for inverter problems so I would chech with dealer to see if you vehicle is one of them. These codes are not reelated so you can attend to them individually.

Expert:  Peter Bagley replied 7 months ago.

In November 2010, Toyota announced a “Limited Service Campaign” (number A0N) to replace inverter water pumps on 04-07 Prius. The reason, they stated, was the possibility of an air bubble getting stuck at the pump, reducing flow and causing the inverter to overheat.

In November 2012, Toyota announced a formal “Safety Recall” (number C0U) to replace inverter water pumps on 04-09 Prius (all model years of the second generation). The reason now: the possibility of a manufacturing defect that can cause the pump to stop or short circuit. In the case of a short, the car will shut down, “which may increase the risk of a crash.”

Expert:  Peter Bagley replied 7 months ago.

Also on certain year Prius we were taking inverters apart to check and re insulate them.