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I need to buy a used car. I had bought a 2000 corolla and it

Resolved Question:

I need to buy a used car. I had bought a 2000 corolla and it burned oil and ruined the engine. I put a different engine in it and it burns even more oil than the first one, so I am really gun shy. I need a used vehicle, preferable with awe, 2003-2009, I am considering subaru forester, outback, honda cdv, toyota rav4. I am terrified to get someone else's problems. Especially after I read reviews and there are many bad ones for each car. How worried should I be about head gasket issues with the subarus? Is there a way to tell if a car is burning oil before buying. I did take the corolla to a mechanic beforehand.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 1 year ago.

Thanks for posting.

The 1998 to 2000 Corollas are known to have an engine oil consumption problem, not all but some, this was due to a piston and oil ring design that was later changed, Toyota was aware of this and issued a few service bulletins that involved taking the engine apart and putting new parts in or replace the block assembly, of course by that time most of them were out of warranty. Unfortunately you wer unlucky enough to buy someone else's problem with a car that had high oil usage but then the replacement used engine did the same.

I can understand you apprehension about getting a bad deal again.

I don't really know too much about the other cars you mentioned except the RAV 4, most of my career is with Toyotas as a technician, I can recommend two very reliable Toyota models, any Corolla after 2003 or Camry after 2006, there were some headgasket issues with the 4 cylinder Camrys and Rav 4s mainly between 2004 and 2005.

My advise is buy the latest model you can afford, buy from a Toyota dealer if possible or one of the larger used dealers like CarMax or autonation, they offer a good warranty after the sale. Avoid buying from a private party unless they have some service records and are willing to give you a Carfax report, have the car inspected by a technician that knows the vehicle, most dealers will do a pre-sale inspection for a fee but it may be worth it. No one can predictl what may happen later after you buy it but there are warning signs that a professional can see which may indicate a problem further down the road. Anytime you buy a used car, there is a chqance that something may go wrong but you can take precautions and get informed about a particular car just by going on line and then make your own decision or even come back here with questions you may have about you prospective purchase.

've been here on this site for almost ten years and have heard lots of horror stories like yours, most of them start by "I just bought this car and now......." this always makes a red flag pop up. So I wish you the best of luck and if you have any questions regarding a car you may want to buy I'll do my best to help.

Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 1 year ago.

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