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Ted Ritter
Ted Ritter, Toyota Master Tech
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I hope you can help me out. I have a 2009 Camry Hybrid and

Customer Question

I hope you can help me out. I have a 2009 Camry Hybrid and have replaced the 12V battery after I removed it and took it in for testing and they said it was dead. The car still won't start. It is not throwing any codes when tested and I get the panel lights and a few dinging but when I push the start button, I'm not getting anything. Push start button will turn green but NO "live" ding indicating its ready to drive. If I put it into gear at that point I get an error message on the panel stating to put the car in park when shifting to D. Any help you can lend would be helpful. Next steps would be to tow it to a shop to get it fixed which I'm very much trying to avoid.
If you need to call me to walk me through additional testing or questions, please feel free to dial me at(###) ###-####
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 1 year ago.

Good morning, what was the reason for replacing the 12 volt battery?

Have you checked any of the fuses under the hood, check the long integrated fuse for burned out segments?

Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 1 year ago.

Sorry, I am not able to do a phone call right now

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Hello, no I have not checked any of the fuses. I replaced the battery because I googled top reasons why a hybrid won't start and that was one of the main reasons so I took it to a local car repair shop and they put it on their tester and he said that it "barely had enough juice to power my remote control". Can you provide me with an schematics (overview) of the fuse boxes? Thanks!
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 1 year ago.

copy this link into your browser

Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 1 year ago.

If it doesn't work let me know