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Kurt Kennedy
Kurt Kennedy,
Category: Toyota
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4 runner: I have an '04 4 runner. ltd. The multi-information

Customer Question

I have an '04 4 runner. ltd. The multi-information display stays on and the radio has constant power to it even when the ignition key is out. Radio is not modified; nothing aftermarket installed on it.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Kurt Kennedy replied 1 year ago.
Sorry you are having issues with the 4 runner. We have a few possibilities as to what is going on. Could be the radio its self shorted, or a fuse block or junction connector that is contaminated and has corrosion. My suggestion is to check where the rad no.1 fuse is, and look around for any signs of water, or corrosion. If that is good, then move on down the line, to connector IC4 which is in the drive kick panel. This is a very common issue for water to leak down and get all the connector wet and short out a connector. If that checks out, then the radio is going to be shorted out. One way to confirm is to leave the radio pluged in and use a volt meter at pin number 4 the blue and yellow connector and see if there is battery voltage or not with the key off. I really hope this helps and I attached the wiring diagram and also the location of the connectors. Please rate my service so my performance can be tracked from the wbesite. As always this thread will remain open so you can come back and ask question once you do some testing. Thank you!