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Kurt Kennedy
Kurt Kennedy,
Category: Toyota
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Experience:  Shop foreman at Auto-Lab of Texas
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Toyota Prius: My toyota prius has never had problems till now.

Customer Question

My toyota prius has never had problems till now. I took it to a shop referred by AAA and they did serpentine belt, air cleaner, rear brake shoes, lube and oil replacement. Also packed drums and 40 point inspection. After they worked on car on 3/19/16 the prius started stalling when pressing on gas. Now yesterday on 5/5/16 it started smelling like the engine was burning metal and someone stopped to tell me that there was tons of smoke coming from underneath car. I had AAA tow it to the same shop, but I need additional advice, I think they did something to my car because it had never done that before they worked on it. It always had such pep ad get up and go, now it stalls.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Kurt Kennedy replied 1 year ago.
The Prius is generally a very Trouble free car. Sorry to hear you are having a issue with it.I would suspect they over filled the car with oil since mentioning they did an oil change.
I am a hybrid certified tech through Toyota so I know the Prius very well.Wish he hybrid system, the gas engine in the car is what's called an Atkinson style motor and with thoes motors the Intake valve stays open longer than a normal engine.
It was very common for other shops to overfill the engine oil and due to the intake valve staying open longer, the excess oil gets sucked into the intake manifold and can do exactly what you are describing.The only other issue I can think of is if they did not adjust the rear brakes correctly, but that would be something you would feel right away and hear.Please feel free to ask me any other questions you have. I am more than happy to answer them.
Expert:  Kurt Kennedy replied 1 year ago.
Once you hear back from the shop, if you want to run by me what they are telling you, I would be more than happy to talk to you about it. Also, please do not forget to rate my service with you. By rating me 0-5 stars that is how my performance is graded on this website. Thank you!