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Rav4: Looking at a 2007 Toy Rav4 that has the "common" rear

Customer Question

Looking at a 2007 Toy Rav4 that has the "common" rear whine at any speed above 20, can be loud. Dealership (A Chev) says that it's a "pinion" problem very common, part is on "national backorder." They are willing to fix it for me, car is 11k with the fix, 87K miles. Should I be worried about this fix? Sounds to me like a differnetial issue is not "minor" like they say. They also say I could drive the car without "hurting" it until the part comes in, a week, maybe longer to a month. Sounds like I am being handed a story here.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Lou P replied 1 year ago.
Hello, did they say whether it was the gear or a bearing? typically you need to replace the pinion and ring gear and also all the bearings as metal is usually found in the fluid and it depends on how loud the whine is that would make it safe to drive or not, obviously the more you drive the more damage will be done but diff gears can last a long time with issues and still be safe, so i am on the fence with this one at this time, Lou P, let me know your thoughts.