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I have a 2007 toyota sequoia. I went to start it. It started

Customer Question

I have a 2007 toyota sequoia. I went to start it. It started momentarily then died. I tried it again and got the same result. Then after that, nothing. No click, nothing. I did have all the dash lights on. I checked out the battery and it was good. I tested the starting relay and it was functional. I put the battery charger on over night. The next day I tried starting it again and it almost started then nothing. Since then, I have installed a new Denso starter I bought at a Toyota dealer. I tried it again. It turned over 2 or 3 times and now nothing. I am a retired electrican and very careful with taking apart and reassembling things! Do you have a couple of ideas I can try? Thank you.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Toyota Service replied 1 year ago.

Hello. Welcome to Just Answer. Please allow me to assist you. This sounds like a bad Park Neutral ("P/N") Switch. Pull the ST RELAY and test for power. With the key off you should have power in one socket. Then have someone turn the key to START. Power should appear in another socket . In electrical terms, your constant battery power would be on pin 5 of the starter. Your Start Signal should be present with the key at start position in Pin 1. Pin 1 causes the relay coil to energize and close the contacts, which then transmits power from pin 5 to 3 which is the load side. Pin 2 should have a solid continuity to ground. If you do not see power to pin 1 the park neutral switch is faulty, or the wire connector to the P/N switch is corroded. I suspect a bad P/N switch

Expert:  Toyota Service replied 1 year ago.

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Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I have 2 relay-fuse boxes. The smaller one has a st relay. However, it only has 4 contacts for that relay. You are talking about a number 5 pin. What gives? Also, I have no way of knowing what the pin numbers are. Help!!
Expert:  Toyota Service replied 1 year ago.

I am on the road at the moment. I will get back to you after 10 pm east coast time.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Posted by JustAnswer at customer's request) Hello. I would like to request the following Expert Service(s) from you: Live Phone Call. Let me know if you need more information, or send me the service offer(s) so we can proceed.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I do not understand what is going on. Are you saying I must pay more for an answer to my 18 january 2016 04:02 question?Why is it takeing so long a responance?
Expert:  Toyota Service replied 1 year ago.

No. The site has some type of popup that alludes to more expense. Please disregard that. As a matter of fact, I was just alerted that you posted. We are having some really bad weather here. Internet is very slow if online at all. Apologies for the pin numbers, I assumed since you were a retired electrician, you might be familiar with pin callouts. Apologies.

Expert:  Toyota Service replied 1 year ago.

Pull the ST relay and check for power. You should have power in one of the sockets. Then, have an assistant turn the key to start. Reprobe all of the sockets. An additional socket should show power with the key to start position. Advise of your findings.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
My st relay does have 5 pins.My mistake. However, I get no power at all on any of the 5 pins with the key off or on. Do you still suspect the p/n switch? If so, let me know and I will remove it. Thank you.
Expert:  Toyota Service replied 1 year ago.

No power at any of the ST relay sockets? Please confirm. Key on, you should have power at one pin. Key to start, power should appear at another pin.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Comfirming! No power on any pins for the st relay. I got to tell you I really like your website.
Expert:  Toyota Service replied 1 year ago.

Why thank you. We appreciate the kind words. No power to any terminal socket on the ST relay: Open the fuse panel under the hood. Locate the following fuses, pull them out, inspect them for being blown, replace if blown:

30 amp ST

7.5 amp STA

Check for power in both fuse sockets and verify there is power with the key on