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Toyota Expert: I purchase a 2015 toyota RAV4 limited edition

Customer Question

Toyota Expert:
I purchase a 2015 toyota RAV4 limited edition that had been in small wreck.
It blew 5 air bags(driver steering air bag, driver knee air bag, passenger dashair
bag,and driver roof air bag, and passenger roof air bag) I replaced the hood,
radiator, front grill, and cooling fan assembly. We painted only the hood & grill
and the car starts & run fine. one problem, the speedometer or the tachometer
will not work. Occasionaly it will flick a little bit, one other problem no readings when you plug in a scanner to get code as to what wrong.
Service Manager at Toyota place says that she never experience this
in twenty-seven year of experience. "She set appointment with her
master mechanic, and his recommendation is to replace the under the hood
wiring assembly at a cost of parts & labor of $3,700.00 After this step maybe
he could figure out the module that bad. I had a good mechanic (not Toyota)
to go over the wiring assembly to look for bad wire, or wire not connected.
None found. Again the car runs finde, and everything works except the
speedometer & tachometer, and you can get a reading when you plug in
scanner to get code. Some lights are still on, but no way to get code to
correct these.
I need someone help
Owen W Fish
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Toyota Service replied 1 year ago.

Hello. Welcome to Just Answer. Please allow me to assist you. I disagree 100% with the diagnosis of replacement of the underhood/engine room wiring harness. If I were you, I would ask them if they will refund your money if this guess does not fix the problem. I will bet that they will not be so interested in absorbing a 3700 dollar part (plus the needed labor/about 4 hours)...What you probably DO have here is a broken copper foil at the back side of the instrument cluster where the printed circuit is located, or, a spot solder joint on ths same PC board has become cracked due to the force of the air bags going off. ....I would never tell a customer they need a 3700 dollar part unless I was 100% sure I was right in my diagnosis. In your case, it sounds like since they never 'saw this problem before in 27 years", they threw up their hands and are unable to accurately diagnose and isolate the problem. When they tell you a huge price like this, this usually means they are pricing your 'repair so high' you refuse and go someplace else, so they are not bothered with something they cannot figure out, or do not have the capacity to figure it out. If this car was in my shop, I would be removing the instrument cluster and inspecting the printed circuit board behind the cluster for loose wire connectors, broken PC circuitry, loose of cracked spot solder joints. I do not think the wire harness under the hood is the problem, as there is a totally different harness under the dashboard. SInce the car runs OK, there cannot be anything wrong under the hood. is the problem. I would expect to find that a 100 dollar PC circuit is going to fix this problem.

Expert:  Toyota Service replied 1 year ago.

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