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Got trouble code P2610 on 2006 Corolla with 65000miles. any

Customer Question

Got trouble code P2610 on 2006 Corolla with 65000miles. any help
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Genchi Genbutsu replied 2 years ago.

Thank you for allowing me to help you with this concern today and am sorry to hear that this is happening. I may have to ask you a few questions so that I can get a better understanding as to what may be going on with your Corolla.

The P2610 code is an internal failure of the ECU itself and need to be replaced.

If you'ld like a little background here...

CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION -To ensure the accuracy of the EVAP (Evaporative Emission) monitor values, the soak timer, which is built into the ECM, measures 5 hours (15 minutes) from when the ignition switch is turned OFF, before the monitor is run. This allows the fuel to cool down, which stabilizes the Fuel Tank Pressure (FTP). When 5 hours have elapsed, the ECM turns on.

MONITOR DESCRIPTION- 5 hours after the ignition switch is turned OFF, the soak timer activates the ECM to begin the EVAP system monitor. While the engine is running, the ECM monitors the synchronization of the soak timer and the CPU clock. If these two are not synchronized, the ECM interprets this as a malfunction, illuminates the MIL and sets the DTC (2 trip detection logic).

DTC P2610 is set if an internal ECM problem is detected. Diagnostic procedures are not required. ECM replacement is required.

That is straight from the Toyota repair manual and is a code I have only seen twice. The warranty coverage for the ECM is 8 years or 90,000 miles.

Does this make sense?

Expert:  Dan replied 2 years ago.

Hello, my name is***** code means the PCM "main engine computer has failed". This is about a $600 job to have done at dealer. Let me know if you have more questions or if there is anything else I can do to help. Thanks.