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ToyotaTom, Toyota Technician
Category: Toyota
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Been having trouble trying to gain access into my 2010

Customer Question

Hi Tom, Been having trouble trying to gain access into my 2010 Toyota Tundra Crewmax, 2WD 5.7 ltr...when I push the buttons on the fob nothing works. Well sometimes the unlock works, but not usually, leaving me to put the key in the drivers door to get into the truck.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  ToyotaTom replied 1 year ago.

Have you tried the other key fob? I see you've tried a new battery in the fob, would have been my first suggestion. But if you've already done that i'd like to know how the other fob behaves. If the other one works normally (which is likely) then you probably just need to replace the fob. They do "wear out" over time, especially if you keep them in your pocket regularly. The added moisture/humidity/dirt/sand/etc from being in the pocket can wear them out as well.

You can try taking it apart, and remove the circuit board from the fob (basically just a step further than just replacing the battery). Use a tooth brush and dip it in some rubbing alcohol and gently scrub/brush off both sides of the board. Use enough pressure to actually scrub it, but not to excess where it would damage it. This will usually do a pretty good job to clean off any corrosion that may be present from moisture (if you live in a humid region (southern USA) or sweat/moisture from being in your pockets. Let it dry for a few minutes (alcohol dries pretty quickly) and put it back together. Sometimes this can help to revive a failing key fob, sometimes not.

On the other side, if the other fob doesn't work either then it may be a failing RF receiver in the truck itself. The receiver for the factory system is located behind the plastic cover in the rear corner of the truck on the passenger side, next to the back seat. Failure of the receiver is uncommon, typically it's a fob because they are exposed to a lot more use/abuse than the receiver is.

Give the fob cleaning a try and try your other one if you still have it, and let me know what happens. I'd be happy to help try to proceed to further diagnosis to condemn the module itself if necessary (depending on your mechanical/electrical aptitude) but if i were a betting man i would suspect a fob.

Customer: replied 1 year ago.
You are brilliant!Wish I'd thought of that. I actually went swimming with my other one and it is now corroded, toast I think.Thank you very much.BTW, how much do new fobs cost? While looking for you, I saw after market fobs, programming, etc., so I know they can be purchased, but do you have a recommendation along those lines?Sincerely,Bill
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Last and on a totally different subject, I have some questions regards ***** ***** work, tailgate not slowing when dropped, motor making funny noises, AC not working as well as it did when new. I will write these to "you" later, as I'm at work right now. Thanks again.
Expert:  ToyotaTom replied 1 year ago.

The aftermarket ones are usually a bit cheaper than the genuine Toyota ones. I always recommend thr genuine parts because they are of a higher quality, though the aftermarket ones can be bought pretty much anywhere for between 30-60 bucks. If you live a long distance from a dealership this may be a better solution. You can also buy them online from toyota dealers for example at a bit cheaper price than from your dealer up the road.

Expert:  ToyotaTom replied 1 year ago.

Regarding the other questions, my availability is limited the next day or two for personal reasons, but I'll respond as soon as I am able :)