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Have a 1993 Toyota 4runner v6 sr5 4x4 5spd. The rear hatch

Customer Question

Have a 1993 Toyota 4runner v6 sr5 4x4 5spd. The rear hatch window quit working.I pulled panel off and put 12v to the window motor and it works fine up and down. The switch at console didn't work when I got it and I cleaned it and got the coke and coffee
out of it and it worked great for about a week and it quit again. I had to use the lock switch at lift gate to raise and lower and now that stopped. If I use the 12v to lower it the lock switch will randomly raise it back up if I mess with the key some, but
will not lower it. My problem is I cannot figure out what is bad so I can replace the faulty part.
Submitted: 1 year ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Dj replied 1 year ago.
Hello and thank you for trusting us with your question. I'm DJ.
Toyota made this an over-complicated system. There's a controller just above the left rear tire that controls everything. The most common problem is the door lock detect switches. When the door is shut all the way, there's two switches, one on each side that tell the computer the rear hatch is closed. If either one of those switches is bad or the rear hatch is out of adjustment, the window won't close.
There's a couple of ways to attack this. I would start by checking the switch input at the controller. Take off the plastic panels on the left side. There's a box with about 20 wires going into it. With the latch closed, check for voltage on the green-white wire that goes into the controller. You should see voltage (with a volt meter) with the door closed and zero voltage with the door open.
If it's zero volts with the latch closed, then unplug each of the switches on both sides of the truck to see which switch is causing the problem.
If it's zero volts and you just want to bypass the switches, just cut the green-white wire and tape it off.
Let me know what you find and we'll figure this out and fix it.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I figured the controller was there because thats where the buzzer and dinger is when hatch is open and you try to use the lock to raise
Expert:  Dj replied 1 year ago.
One other thing to check it to make certain that the rear hatch is closing all the way. The lock has two steps, so it can lock even though the hatch isn't closed all the way.
Maybe have one person lean on the hatch to close it and have another person work the switch to see if that triggers it.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Well I finally got the controller out of its hole. Do I need to check it plugged in or unplugged
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
Plugged in I get 3.8 volts on green white striped wire. 12 on red
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
All I get is a clicking sound coming from module when I use the key in the rear switch like the solenoid is not closing, then every once and a while it catches and goes up. Does that mean a bad module. Let me know and I can get one right away and get his thing back together
Expert:  Dj replied 1 year ago.
The controller uses an H-bridge. It's two relays. When one activates, the window goes up. When the other activates, the window goes down.
When this happens, the large red wire gets 12 volts and the green wire is grounded. When the window is traveling the other direction, the green wire gets 12 volts and the red wire is grounded.
If you can hear a click, that means the one relay is activated. If you turn the key the other way the other relay should activate (click). If you hear a click when you turn the key in both directions, all the wiring and switches that go to the controller inputs are good.
If either relay has bad contacts, the window won't move. So it sounds like you've got a bad controller. I don't know how comfortable you are with soldering electronics, but the relays are replaceable in the controller. They are about $6-8 each plus shipping.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
I could do that but I can get a guaranteed controller for $35. If I tap on this one while holding key and turning it works.
Expert:  Dj replied 1 year ago.
For $35 that's a great price. I wouldn't bother changing the relays either.
Customer: replied 1 year ago.
DJ I listed my phone finally got a new one and got the info transferred. Bought the new controller but now It only works with key and only in going up mode after I jump it to lower it so I guess the controller was not the only problem. Still need help
Expert:  Dj replied 1 year ago.

With a volt meter, check the voltage on the green-white wire on the controller. Key on. Door closed.

Then check red-blue wire, same deal, key on, door closed but window not all the way down. Part way up or all the way up is fine.

Let me know the voltage readings that you get.