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Camry: The air conditioner on my 99 camry works intermittenly.

Customer Question

The air conditioner on my 99 camry works intermittenly. sometimes the AC light will blink. If I raise the rpms of the engine and turn the air conditioner on and off, I can get it to work. I replaced the magnetic clutch relay. no change Any ideas what the problem is?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Toyota Service replied 2 years ago.
Hello. Different expert here. When we have this problem in the shop, the Magnet clutch relay as described by my colleague above is usually the problem. However, in some instances, when replacement of the relay (you state you replaced it and nothing improved) does not cure the issue, the problem resides in a device called the Lock Sensor located on the compressor. The Lock Sensor does just what its name inplies. It detects if the compressor internal unit is locked up or not. Better put, the Lock sensor is basically a revolution sensor. It counts the RPM of the compressor and transmits that signel to the AC amplifier under the dash. As long as that rpm signal is within the specification, the AC amplifier allows a ground circuit to the AC Magnet Clutch relay. If the RPM signal is not at spec, the ground is removed, the compressor stops, and the AC amp causes the AC light to blink. The RPM /Lock sensor is there to kill power to the compressor if it locks up, which is a safety feature to stop the belt from smoking as the engine turns it on the locked up compressor. The remedy here is one of two paths. On this vehicle, there are 2 different AC compressors used. One you can easily replace trhe RPM sensor, the other is built in. To determine which unit you have, you need to take you 17 digit Vehicle Identification Number to your local Toyota dealer parts department. There, the parts person will call up your specific car on the computer. That will tell them which unit you have. Then purchase and have installed what they recommend. If you have any questions, please feel free to reply. If you are satisfied with my input on this request, a positive rating would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for choosing Just Answer.