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Ted Ritter
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My 2003 Toyota Sienna XLE sliding doors act up. The passenger

Customer Question

My 2003 Toyota Sienna XLE sliding doors act up. The passenger door opens fine but sometimes refuses to close unless I strong arm it to about 7/8 of the way. None of the three buttons or handle work sometimes. The driver's side is reluctant to open on it's own until it s dragged by me, half way. Is there a manual override for these doors? I this an expensive diagnostic procedure and fix?
Submitted: 2 years ago.
Category: Toyota
Expert:  Ted Ritter replied 2 years ago.
mThanks for postingSliding door problems are common on the Siennas and diagnosis and repairs can be very expensive, in some cases the computer or the motors/cable assemblies have to be replaced, needless to say this can run into thousands of dollars. To make them operate manually the interior panels have to be removed and the cables cut and removed and the computer disabled, I have not done this myself but I understand it is possible.Before doing anything drastic, visually inspect the door hinges and the latches toward the rear on the bottom of the lower door opening, sometimes loos hinges or the sliding tracks can bind up, try cleaning both upper and lower tracks, lubricate the tracks and the rollers, check them to be sure the rollers are not worn or loose in the tracks, power doors can jam due to excessive dirt and grease which may have accumulated so the first thing is to check that there are no worn hinges at both ends of the doors and that the rollers are not worn then clean everything good and use a clear silicon based lubricant, most auto parts stores have these, give this a try and see what happens, turn the switches off and move the doors manually a few times after lubrication